Mental Game Programs for Teams


Customized team program which may include seminars, workshops, programs, and in-practice mental skill application.

Improve communication and cohesion to enhance team performance and allow for more productive practices. Athletes will learn how to communicate effectively and join forces to accomplish a shared goal. 

I help teams to improve their cohesion which will result in more productive practices and improved performance. I help athletes learn how their performance impacts the team, how to communicate effectively, and how to join forces to accomplish a shared goal. 

Team Offerings: 

1. Seminar packages which may include: 

– Mental game pre-seminar assessment to uncover the mental game obstacles inhibiting athletic potential 

– Workshop presentation focusing on the overall needs of the team (e.g. confidence, focus, composure) based on coaches’ input and survey 

– Development of customized workbook program designed for the specific needs of the team 

2. Customized team partnership – this may include practice & competition attendance, group coaching before or after practice on individual and team mental game topics, individual skill coaching for mindset and focus during tumbling/stunt practice. I work with the coach to develop a program that meets the needs and budget of the team. 

Contact us to begin an assessment of your team and create a tailored workshop to target the specific challenges you would like to address.

Seminars for Parents, Athletes, & Staff

Presentations for athletes, coaches, and parents on Mental Game Topics. 

Seminar topics vary depending on the audience. Questionnaires  may be provided to the target audience to identify mental game topics of greatest need based on the group.

I conduct seminars, workshops, and speaking engagements for athletes, teams, parents, and coaches. Offered as single sessions, workshops, or seminar bundles. 

Most popular bundle option by gyms and coaches includes four 1-hour seminars with 2 athlete sessions, 1 parent session, and 1 coaching staff session. 

Sample Seminar Topics may include: 

  • Building Confidence: If You Believe, You Can Achieve 
  • Improving Your Focus and Concentration 
  • Making the Switch from the Practice to the Performance Mindset 
  • Mental Keys to a Focused Pre-Performance Routine 
  • Breaking Free of Limiting Comfort Zones 
  • Parents: How to Encourage your Athlete and Develop Their Mental Game 
  • Coaching for Excellence: Developing Mental Toughness in Your Athletes 
  • Specific Topics to Address the Challenges of Each Team 

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Are you hosting a camp or gearing up for a new season and want to include a mental game component in your program? Let us help! 

Customized programming created for gyms, trainers, and coaches. Perfect for enhancing seasonal training programs to develop the whole athlete. 

Content topics will be selected with the coach depending on the needs of the team. 

Programs include content videos, action guides, practice application assignments, and accountability program. 

Example Program: 

  • Customized Workbook Program created for 8-week Youth Performance Summer Program at Crossfit Gym. 
  • Mental Game Program included 4 mental game topics, (2 weeks dedicated to each) > Confidence, Goal-Setting, Focus, & Self-Talk. 
  • Program included intro assessment, intro video, biweekly content videos, daily application exercises,  wrap-up video, resource document, and final assessment. 
  • Program distribution may be handled by MPC upon request. 

In addition to example topics above, sample topics may include:

  • Practice vs performance mindset
  • Pregame routines
  • Mental rehearsal 
  • Self-trust
  • Self-esteem 
  • Social Approval 
  • Effective Practice 
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One-on-one mental block & confidence coaching for athletes.

 Mandy Patterson Coaching partners with coaches and teams to support their athletes as a group or on an individual basis. Mental coaching is the best complement to physical coaching available and highlights teams and coaches for their whole-athlete approach to training!

One-on-one mental block & confidence coaching for athletes helps breakthrough the barriers that are holding them back in their skills with a program tailored to their specific needs. 

Individual 1-on-1 mental performance coaching addresses mental blocks at the source and helps athletes identify and overcome their fears through instruction, assessments, and application. The skills athletes learn through mental coaching increase their confidence and reduce stress at practice and competitions so they can get back to enjoying their sport. 

Our Mental Coaching Programs are offered over a 3 or 6 month term. Here are some program features that may be included: 

  • Assessments to identify mental game challenges and track athlete progress over the course of the program 
  • Custom Mental Game Plan that outlines areas of focus for the program 
  • Virtual coaching sessions to discuss mental game concepts and offer tailored support for the athlete
  • Video performance reviews 
  • Parent check-in sessions to discuss how parents can assist in improving their child’s mental game. 

One-on-one mental coaching is the fastest and most effective method to improve athlete’s mental game, boost performance, and make lasting changes.

To get started, schedule a no-cost performance check session with us today!