What if it is possible for you to FINALLY make progress towards overcoming your mental block so you can confidently get back to thriving in your sport? 

It is! This course will teach you core mental game skills to help get you there

The Mind Over Mental Block Quickstart Course is specifically designed for:

  GYMNASTS AND CHEERLEADERS who are struggling with mental blocks and fears AND who are ready to do the work to overcome them starting TODAY!

If you are looking to finally see progress in your tumbling and skills, but just the tools and support from a coach that understands what it takes, this course is for you!

Sound familiar...?

You are an athlete, or parent of an athlete, who:

  • has a mental block in your tumbling or other skills and have tried everything to move past it with little success
  • is tired with putting in the work to improve your skills only to leave practices frustrated and disappointed
  • has invested time, energy, and money into private lessons to achieve your skills but have not been able to fully trust in your ability to execute the skills by yourself 
  • desires to be more confident and fully trust in yourself and your abilities 
  • knows the things getting in the way are self-doubt, fear of failure, fears of letting others down, and pressure from how you expect yourself to perform 
  • believes if you could just let go of the fears and pressure you would see improvement in not only your skills but your motivation level, energy, friendships, passion, and joy for the sport you love! 

What if it is possible for you to finally achieve your goals and more?! 

Are you ready? Click here to get started!

This Quickstart Program...

… will teach you mental game skills that will address mental blocks at the source so you can perform your skills without fear of future blocks 

… will help you identify and overcome the fears that are fueling your block so you can take control and prepare to master your skills 

… will give you a plan where you know exactly what you need to do at every practice to make progress towards your skills (no more guessing if practice will be ‘good’ or ‘bad’)

… will teach you how to assess your performance so you can leave every practice feeling like you are improving which means no more rollercoaster emotions on the car ride home from practice 

… will increase your confidence and reduce stress at practice so you can get back to enjoying your sport!

Meet Your Coach

As a young athlete, I worked through mental blocks in my tumbling on more than 1 occasion. The worst part was that I felt like no one understood what I was going through. I still remember the feeling I got everytime my teammates or coach would tell me to “just throw it” or I felt pressure from people thinking I was just being lazy or trying to get attention. Trust me when I tell you that if you have ever experienced a mental block, I completely know how you feel.

Through my own experience as an athlete and as a cheerleading, gymnastics, and tumbling coach for over a decade who has helped countless athletes overcome setbacks and fears, I know with absolute certainty that the mental game is crucial to success

All of the physical training athletes spend so much time developing, and the extra coaching parents invest in is only as good as the strength of the athletes mindset.

With my certification through the Mental Game Coaching Professional Program, I now dedicate my life to teaching mental game skills to athletes so they can reach their full potential. My clients would say that I help them build confidence, maximize performance, and help them regain their passion and joy

I love hearing stories that not only did they see progress in their sport but they noticed a positive change in other areas of their lives as well.

Mandy Patterson

The Mind Over Mental Block Quickstart Program will help you replace your mental block and fears with confidence and joy!

What's Included...


Instant access to 4 core mental game skill modules, each with a content video, action guide, and practice application worksheet 

Pre- and Post- Coaching Mental Game Assessments to identify mental game challenges and track progress over the course 


Module 1 – Overcoming High Expectations

We will teach you how the expectations you have are feeding your fears and crushing your confidence. You’ll learn how to replace expectations with managable objectives that will actually help you perform well. The Key is No Expectations, High Confidence & Process Goals!

Module 2 – Increasing Focus

You will learn to identify distractions (both internal and external) that commonly get in the way of your focus during practices. Instead of overthinking or “blanking” you will know exactly how to focus on cues that immerse you in the current skill and position you for success.

Module 3 – Increasing Confidence & Self-Talk

Confidence is a mental game skill which means it can be improved. You will learn how to build confidence that comes before skill execution and remains strong through any setback. You will also understand how self-talk contributes to confidence and performance outcomes.

Module 4 – Prepare for Success

We will uncover some of the thinking errors surrounding mental blocks that will keep you stuck. You will leave this module knowing exactly how to continue creating momentum towards overcoming your block and creating sustainable confidence.


One Private Coaching Session with your Mental Performance Coach

A 30-minute athlete session followed by a parent recap session. Get all of your questions answered and receive tailored support so you can take your mental game even further!


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Client Love

"Your program helped Lily's Mental Block! Slowly but surely, she got her skills back! Thank you!!!"
Rita L.
Competition Cheer Mom
"I am very satisfied with the programs offered by MPC. [My daughter] thinks more positive with an attitude I CAN DO the skill! Thanks Mandy for all your help!"
Monica S.
Competition Cheer Mom
"Mandy is great at helping people get over mental blocks and can help you get rid of unhealthy self-talk that you might not have known you had."
Kenna C.
Competition Cheerleader