To overcome mental blocks and fears you need a proven plan! We created it for you.

Introducing the Mind Over Mental Block Course, a 12-week game-changing program designed specifically for gymnasts and cheerleaders [age 9 and up], where you’ll learn how to conquer mental blocks, build unshakable confidence, and elevate your performance with proven strategies, practical tools, and support from coaches and athletes who get you.

Are you an athlete (or parent of an athlete) who is struggling with a mental block, anxiety, or fears in your sport?

You struggle to fully trust yourself to throw your skills even though you keep telling yourself you can do it?

You finally work up the courage, push through the jitters and get ready to finally throw your skill but then you just can’t make your body move.

You get that sinking feeling from your chest down to your gut and you know it’s going to be another bad day.

You know deep down that you have the potential to succeed and are willing to do whatever it takes to overcome this challenge but you don’t know how so you just keep doing the same things over and over with the same disappointing results, hoping that one day you will go into the gym and finally be ‘fixed’.

The problem is, you feel like you have no control over the situation, and it’s affecting your confidence and enjoyment of your sport and to be honest, your life.

But here’s the good news: I’ve been in your shoes, and I understand exactly how you feel.

Throughout my competitive cheerleading career, I faced mental blocks that made me doubt myself and struggle with confidence and trust in myself and my skills.

I tried everything, from endless private lessons, to progressions, thinking too much, trying not to think about it, and found success here and there but it was at a cost of time, energy, and motivation.

I was able to effort my way through each time and continue competing in the sport I loved but I knew there had to be a better way.

That’s why I spent the past four years combining my personal experience as an athlete, skills coach, and certified Mental Game Coaching Professional, along with extensive research in sports psychology and personal development.

And now, I have a proven framework that can help athletes like you overcome mental blocks and fears, and replace them with confidence and joy in your sport and in life.

I know this process works because I see it daily in the athletes we support.

I love hearing stories from my athletes who say not only did they see progress in their sport, but they noticed a positive change in other areas of their lives as well. Here is what a few of our athletes had to say…

So if you’re tired of feeling defeated and ready to take control of your performance, I invite you to join me on this journey so I can support and encourage you. 

Together, we’ll discover the strategies and techniques to break through those mental barriers and unlock your true potential. Get ready to trade those mental blocks for confidence and start enjoying your sport like never before!

This is a 12-week online course designed to help gymnasts and cheerleaders ages 9 and up.  Learn the exact strategies used by my 1:1 athletes to overcome challenges and reach higher levels of performance. [Over $1,000 value and offered to you today for a fraction of that]

This is NOT just a passive course where you’re left alone. It’s a comprehensive 12-week online program. We’re with you every step of the way, providing guidance, feedback, and encouragement.

Here’s what the course offers:

  • CONTENT that teaches you to understand what is happening and provides you with a plan and mental game tools.
  • COACHING to keep you accountable, motivated, and supported: Our team has firsthand experience with overcoming mental blocks and knows exactly what you need to succeed.
  • A COMMUNITY of peers to celebrate, have fun, and connect with: You won’t feel alone on this journey. Connect with fellow athletes who understand your struggles and can encourage and support you along the way.

By joining the Mind Over Mental Block Course, you will gain:

  • Freedom from the pressure of expectations you feel from yourself and others
  • The ability to focus without overthinking, showing up to practice excited and ready to work on your skills
  • Unwavering confidence you can count on
  • The power to overcome mistakes and push through even on the toughest days, ensuring consistent progress
  • Freedom from social pressure, allowing you to perform for yourself without worrying about disappointing others
  • Effective visualization techniques to see past the block and effectively prepare for success

Course features & resources:

  • Weekly mini-trainings to develop essential mental game skills
  • Application worksheets to personalize concepts into actionable steps
  • Practice cards for daily application of newly learned skills in real time
  • Companion digital workbook that walks you through the process step-by-step with plenty of room to capture notes, key takeaway and create a go-to resource to get you into action 
  • Option to download and print the workbook or purchase a printed copy delivered to your doorstep

Join the Mind Over Mental Block Course and take control of your mental game today!

By working through this program, you will:


Figure out what’s causing those mental blocks and how to beat them.


Develop mental skills that crush any fear of future blocks so you can dream big and chase your goals without fear.


Kick those fears that are holding you back in your performance and take charge of your skills.


Follow a clear practice plan that leads to progress every day, with specific things to do, think, and focus on.


Build confidence, reduce stress, and fall back in love with your sport.


Have clarity and a proven framework so you know exactly what to do to make progress on your skills faster so you get back to thriving in the sport you love!

I promise, you can do absolutely do this and this plan will show you the way.

PARENTS, a common question I receive is, “How will we know it is working?” The key sign is when your child confidently performs their skills, is excited to practice, and is so much more joyful in and out of practice. While I can’t guarantee specific results due to each individual’s unique journey, we’ve got you covered with mental game assessments at the course’s beginning and end to track their mental game progress.

Now, you might be wondering if you can stick with what you’re already doing. Of course, you can! But let’s be honest, how effective has it been? Consider the time, money, and energy invested in private lessons and other methods. Sadly, many athletes who can’t overcome mental blocks question the value of their sport and eventually burn out. Avoid that fate. Invest in your child’s potential and ensure that every effort in their sport is truly worthwhile.

We’re fully committed to helping your child take action. To show this, as a BONUS, once they complete the first two weeks of the course, we’ll celebrate their hard work with a special gift: a journal and personalized note delivered to their doorstep.

And if you have any concerns about technology or understanding the course material, don’t worry. We provide a welcome checklist, clear course instructions, and reliable support throughout the entire journey.

Join us today and empower your child to break through their mental barriers.

This program is different than anything you have ever tried because it tackles the block at the source.

Many athletes try to overcome mental blocks through trial and error, focusing mostly on physical and external solutions. They may take numerous private lessons, switch gyms, and change coaches, hoping these actions will solve their problems. However, this approach often only addresses the symptoms without addressing the root cause and truly healing.

They rely on fear and pressure as motivators, hoping that one day they will magically be fixed without understanding what truly works or believing in their own control over the situation.

Instead, we take a different approach. We acknowledge what is happening and help athletes understand it so they can develop healthy habits for long-term success. We teach them how to reprogram their thinking and encourage them to view their experiences in a new, helpful way that fosters growth both as an athlete and as a person.

At Mandy Patterson Coaching, we create a supportive environment where athletes feel seen and understood. We recognize that their brain is simply doing what it is designed to do, and we empower them to embrace the growth process.

With our approach, athletes are equipped to overcome mental blocks, build resilience, and achieve their full potential.

BONUS: Join the Block Breakers Circle and Get Extra Support and Accountability!

As a bonus, when you enroll in the course today, you will receive 4 months of access to our private athlete community called the Block Breakers Circle. This exclusive community is designed to provide you with the support and accountability you need to excel in overcoming mental blocks and fears. 

Here’s what you’ll get as a member of the Block Breakers Circle:

  1. Engage and Connect: Gain access to a private feed where you can engage and connect with peers who are going through similar experiences. Share your progress, challenges, and victories, and receive support and encouragement from our expert mental coaching team.

  2. Daily Coaching and Prompts: Receive daily coaching and prompts to help you prioritize your mindset and maintain consistent progress. These daily reminders will keep you focused, motivated, and on track to achieve your goals.

  3. Monthly LIVE Training with Me: Join me for a monthly LIVE training session exclusively for Block Breakers Circle members. During these sessions, I will provide additional insights, answer your questions, and share valuable strategies to help you overcome any obstacles you may be facing. All recordings are available in our resource section.

  4. Weekly Reflection and Q&A: Access a weekly form where you can reflect on your progress, celebrate your achievements, set intentions for the upcoming week, and ask any specific questions you may have. Our team will review your submissions, celebrate your successes, and ensure that your questions are answered within the Block Breakers Circle community.

By joining the Block Breakers Circle, you’ll have an extended support system that goes beyond the course content. Connect with fellow athletes, receive personalized guidance from our coaching team, and take advantage of additional resources to accelerate your progress.

Don’t miss out on this opportunity to surround yourself with a community that understands your journey, celebrates your victories, and supports you every step of the way. Enroll in the Mind Over Mental Block Course today and gain access to the Block Breakers Circle to supercharge your progress and make lasting breakthroughs in your sport!

Remember, investing in your mental game is investing in your long-term success and fulfillment. Say goodbye to compromise and join us in the Block Breakers Circle, where your journey to greatness continues even after the course ends.

The Mind Over Mental Block Course

12-Week Course For Gymnasts & Cheerleaders [Ages 9+]
$ 247 1-TIME
  • Access to our Private Block Breakers Athlete community portal and app
  • 12-week online course with weekly video trainings
  • Weekly application worksheets and check-in forms
  • Daily practice prompts
  • Companion Workbook
  • Bonus: 4-month access to the Block Breakers Circle
  • Monthly live trainings with our Expert Mental Coaches
  • Bonus: Action taker gift for completing the first 2-weeks
  • Exclusive bonus offer & $50 savings
  • Two-Week Money back Guarantee!
Limited time

I am so excited for you and the amazing things to come for you over the next few weeks and months inside of the program.

So click the button below to purchase now. I can’t wait to support you as your mental performance coach! I will see you inside of the course!




Looking for extra personalized attention and guidance on your journey to overcome mental blocks, anxiety, and fears? Our exclusive Private Coaching Program might be just what you need!

As a private coaching athlete, you’ll get:

  • Customized Block-Breaking Action Plan: We’ll create a tailored coaching plan to address your unique challenges and goals. It’s all about you and your growth!
  • Regular 1:1 Coaching Sessions: You’ll have regular one-on-one coaching sessions with a dedicated mental coach who gets what you’re going through. We’ll provide personalized guidance and support.
  • Accountability and Progress Tracking: We’ll help you stay on track with your goals and track your progress. We’ll be there to keep you accountable and cheer you on!

Unlimited Text Support: You’ll have direct access to your coach via for any questions, concerns, or support you need between sessions. We’re here for you!

Spaces in our Private Coaching Program are limited, and we want to ensure we can give our athletes the best support possible. That’s why we have an application process to make sure we’re the right fit for each other.

Ready for that next level of support? Click the link below to apply for our Private Coaching Program. Fill out the form, and schedule a no-cost performance check session with one of our expert Mental Performance Coaches.

Have questions?

We want you to be able to say yes with 100% confidence so send any questions you have our way. 

We promise to get back to you ASAP so you can have everything you need to see if the Block Breakers Circle is the right fit for you!