Ready to become unstoppable on the field?

Introducing the A-Game Athlete Online Mental Training Program for athletes [age 9 and up], where you’ll learn how to overcome fears, build unshakable confidence, and elevate your performance with proven strategies, practical tools, and support from coaches and athletes who get you.

Have you ever felt this way?

Have you ever dreamed of taking your athletic performance to the next level but found yourself feeling stuck, unable to reach your full potential?

You want to excel as a teammate and contribute more to your team’s success, but you’re held back by fears of injury, mistakes, and letting others down, which negatively impacts your performance.

You’ve heard others tell you to focus, trust yourself, and be confident, but you’re not sure how to put it into action. So, you keep giving your all, hoping everything will eventually fall into place.

Me too! Here's my story from struggle to success

Hi there, I’m Mandy Patterson. 

I know exactly how you feel because as a competitive athlete growing up, I felt the same way. As a naturally talented athlete, I began my athletic journey with passion and saw success early and often. I loved hearing how strong and capable I was and how beautifully I executed my skills. But then I arrived at a place where encouragement from others turned into expectation. My standard had become perfection and anything less was unacceptable

I allowed fear to sabotage my belief in myself, and I began to dread practices, overthink my skills, and constantly feel like I was letting down my coaches, teammates, and parents. This pressure built up to a place where I ended up with mental blocks on several occasions where I was stuck in a slump with no clue how to get out.

Thankfully, I was able to effort my way through with determination and a strong support circle and continue competing through college in the sport I loved. But, I knew there had to be a better way. Looking back on my experience, I can say with absolute certainty that prioritizing my mental game was the secret to my success.

Now, as a Certified Mental Game Coaching Professional, I have combined my education with my experience as an athlete and coach to create proven programs so that athletes can move through challenges with more ease, speed, and support from a coach who knows exactly what it takes to succeed.

I believe that sports are a learning ground for life where kids and teens discover who they are and what they are made of so they can win in the ultimate game, the game of life!

Are you ready to turn fear into fuel?

Since our beginning in 2019, we have helped hundreds of athletes shift from nerves and self-doubt to thriving in their sports performance.

We take athletes from being too “in their head,” being too hard on themselves, shutting down after mistakes, fearing disappointment, and lacking confidence to a place where:

☑️ Their confidence on and off the field allows them to be more relaxed.

☑️ They have more fun and feel in control of their emotions. 

☑️ They feel worthy and able to let their natural abilities shine.

☑️ There are no barriers holding them back from achieving their full potential.

☑️ They truly become unstoppable. 

3-Month Mental Training Course to help athletes turn fear into fuel. 

Get ready to master your mental game and elevate your performance! 

In this ELITE program, you will receive:

⭐ 12 Weekly mini-trainings to instill essential mental game skills to build mental stamina.

Application worksheets to craft your personalized mental game plan —the magic is in the application, and we provide you with all the necessary tools.

Practice cards that help you start and finish each practice and game mentally prepared for success.

Assessments at the beginning and end of the program to track growth as well as weekly check-in forms to ensure you are building on your progress from week to week. 

⭐ The A-Game Athlete Companion Workbook is your mental playbook that makes it easy for you to stay committed to the program 

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Why the A-Game Athlete Program?

There are 4 areas of training for athletic success: strength, technique, strategy, and the mental game. The mental game is most important because it unlocks your physical training and ensures you can take your practice to games consistently.


☑️ Ensures your hard work pays off

☑️ Gives you a plan

☑️ Puts you in control of your skills

☑️ Gives you confidence

☑️ Allows you to have more fun!

🚫 IS NOT not a sign of weakness

🚫 IS NOT just for athletes who are failing

☑️ IS an essential part of athletic development

☑️ IS the map for mental toughness required to succeed long-term

☑️ IS the biggest differentiator between athletes who are good vs. great

This program will meet your mental game training needs and round out your training!

In this program, you will learn our 6-STEP A-GAME ATHLETE METHOD:



Release the unnecessary pressure that is getting in the way of the performance you know you are capable of.



You will finally understand and have the tools and strategies you need to focus on what matters, without overthinking.



Learn to develop proactive confidence you can count on so you start and end each game strong. 



Release the social pressure that holds you back and learn to be an athlete your team and coach can count on.


Learn to trust in yourself and your skills in games so you perform with freedom and allow your skills to shine.


Take control of your emotions by learning to move past mistakes so you can finish strong and leave games proud. 

Are you ready to regain control of your skills & confidence so you can get back to having fun in your sport (& life)?!


12 Weeks of Content, Coaching, & Community
$ 197
  • Weekly mini-trainings to teach you essential mental game skills
  • Application worksheets to create a personalized game plan for practices and games
  • Practice cards for mental preparedness
  • Assessments to track growth and progress weekly
  • The A-Game Athlete Companion E-Workbook
  • 14 DAY MONEY BACK GUARANTEE (not available for physical workbook orders)
  • HSA/FSA Reimbursement Available
Limited Sale

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