Mental Blocks

Why do mental blocks return?

Have you ever done the hard work to overcome a mental block only to have it return? Athletes who get stuck in the mental block cycle end up doubting if they will ever overcome it for good. The truth is that it doesn’t have to be a guessing game filled with doubt. In this VLOG, I dig into why mental blocks return and what it takes to overcome them for good. Watch the full video now.

Overcoming the Fear of Injury in Tumbling and Stunting

Are you struggling with the fear of getting hurt while tumbling or stunting? This common issue affects athletes in three main ways: those who have never been injured but are afraid of potential danger, those currently dealing with an injury, and those who have recovered but fear re-injury. Our latest blog breaks down practical strategies to overcome these fears, helping you build confidence and perform safely. Learn how to conquer your anxiety and focus on your skills effectively!

Why do athletes struggle to throw skills they know they can do?

You are standing there ready to throw a skill you have done 1,000 times but for some reason you just can’t make your body go. No matter how badly you want to do it, know you can do it, and have done it before, you stand frozen. Why does this happen? In this VLOG, me and @thecheerkin discuss why athletes struggle to throw skills they know they can do and what to do about it. Check it out.