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The Sports Parent’s Guide to Surviving Competition Season

Competition season is filled with so many things, but as a mental performance coach, mine is filled with late-night texts from parents in full panic about their child’s upcoming competition. Comments like:  “The coach is going to take her out of the routine if she doesn’t tumble.”  “She has been out with the flu and …

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5 Tips To Turn Competition Nerves into Excitement

Competition is not a time for fear and dread. It is a celebration of your hard work and a time when you can relax and enjoy showing off. If this is not your experience, I am glad you are here with me. In this post, I share tips I teach the athletes and parents in my program to help them trade pre-performance anxiety for excitement. You will walk away with strategies you can apply today to show up at your next competition with confidence, trust, and joy! Bonus freebie inside.

Dear Athlete, You are not broken (A letter about mental blocks)

Mental blocks cause athletes to adopt untrue beliefs about who they are and why they are stuck. In this post, I am sharing a unique perspective on mental blocks developed from my experience over the past two decades as a competitive athlete, skills coach, and Mental Performance Coach who specializes in overcoming blocks. By reading this post, you will gain a better understanding of mental blocks and how they affect you, plus plenty of encouragement to push you forward confidently.

The Perfectly Imperfect Routine

In this guest post by an MPC athlete, Ansley tells her story of a cheerleading competition that was almost ruined by … a shoe. “At an early age, I was taught to strive for perfection. It was only when I was at the biggest competition of my career that I learned that it was okay not to be perfect.” This essay will inspire you to reassess how you measure success either by perfection and scorecards or self-confidence and focus on your best.

How To Help Your Child Balance Team Expectations In Competition

Mentally preparing for competition is tough, especially when trying to combat the perfectionist ideals and expectations of teams and coaches. The secret to trading pre-competition anxiety with excitement and confidence is turning those expectations into helpful goals your child can use to perform their best. In this post, I will share 3 tips to prepare you for helping your child balance their team’s need to win with goals that will allow them to go into competition with less stress, excited to perform their best without fear of rejection.

4 Thinking Errors That Steal Your Excitement for Tryouts (A letter to Cheerleaders and Gymnasts)

It’s that time of year again… tryouts are right around the corner and the pressure is on! Maybe they are in the next few weeks OR you still have a few months before the big date, but you can feel your chest getting tighter and tighter as the day approaches. This can be especially true …

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