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How to handle competition day nerves (and throwing up)

Why do athletes vomit during competition? It can be embarrassing, frustrating, and get in the way of the perfect routine. So why do competition nerves get in the way of the best cheerleaders and performers? And, what can you do to calm competition nerves and stop throwing up? In this blog post I discuss why athletes throw up during competition, relaxation techniques to ease the stress, and a simple tip to help turn nerves into excitement! Click to watch now.

How can an athlete stop being afraid of tumbling without a spot on the floor? Curious about mental coaching? Schedule a no-cost Performance Check Session Want More Training? Join Our 12-Week Mind Over Mental Block Course [Edited transcript below] How to know when you are truly ready to try it by yourself I’m going to address this a couple of ways. So the first way is don’t try to …

How can an athlete stop being afraid of tumbling without a spot on the floor? Read More »

Is a mental block the same as overthinking or being nervous?

It’s common to call any fear or hesitation of doing a skill a mental block but is it really? How are mental blocks different than fear and just feeling really anxious. In this post, I share the difference between a true mental block and general fear plus offer insights to help you push past anxiety and fear no matter where you are in your athletic journey.

8 Powerful Questions to Help You Stop Doubting Yourself and Believe “I’ve got this!”

Imagine this: you’ve practiced hard to physically master your skill and are getting set to FINALLY do it all by yourself. But just as you’re about to go for it, doubts creep in. You feel unsure, fidgety, and end up calling your coach over for just one more spot, even though deep down, you know you can do it. If you’ve felt this internal tug-of-war between wanting to trust yourself and feeling uncertain, you’re not alone. In this article, I’m diving into eight questions that will help you push past self-doubt. These questions are designed to break down those confidence barriers so you can get excited about practice and enjoy what you are doing again.