Athlete Confidence

How To Trade Overwhelm And Busy For More Focus And Productivity

If you are anything like me you have an overflowing calendar, a to-do list that never gets completed, tired eyes and sore muscles from running around, and a nagging feeling that I had an entire week where I did not stop moving once and yet I accomplished nothing! I know I am not alone because …

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5 Steps for Competing Like You Practice

In this post, I will provide context and tips for athletes who want to take their practice game to competition consistently. After reading this post, you will feel confident and excited because you will learn how to create a plan for competition which will allow you to enter performance-day mentally ready for success. At the end, I will provide you with a resource that will help you step into every competition energized and ready to mentally win!

How To Build Unshakable Confidence

Why do the most talented athletes feel like they never perform good enough, worry about letting others down, and allow fear to steal their confidence in games? In this post, I cover what confidence is and how it contributes to success as an athlete, how to overcome the pressure of expectations from others and create self-confidence, as well as ways to assess performance so energy and motivation remain high.

How To Help Your Child Balance Team Expectations In Competition

Mentally preparing for competition is tough, especially when trying to combat the perfectionist ideals and expectations of teams and coaches. The secret to trading pre-competition anxiety with excitement and confidence is turning those expectations into helpful goals your child can use to perform their best. In this post, I will share 3 tips to prepare you for helping your child balance their team’s need to win with goals that will allow them to go into competition with less stress, excited to perform their best without fear of rejection.