Athlete Confidence

8 Powerful Questions to Help You Stop Doubting Yourself and Believe “I’ve got this!”

Imagine this: you’ve practiced hard to physically master your skill and are getting set to FINALLY do it all by yourself. But just as you’re about to go for it, doubts creep in. You feel unsure, fidgety, and end up calling your coach over for just one more spot, even though deep down, you know you can do it. If you’ve felt this internal tug-of-war between wanting to trust yourself and feeling uncertain, you’re not alone. In this article, I’m diving into eight questions that will help you push past self-doubt. These questions are designed to break down those confidence barriers so you can get excited about practice and enjoy what you are doing again.

What Does It Mean to Have a Winning Mindset?

For too many athletes, a win is not just a goal they are pushing for; it is required to prove that they are enough and valuable as a person. The default thinking has shifted to a ‘win-at-all-cost’ mentality, leading to a lack of confidence, motivation, and burnout for the most talented athletes across every sport. In this post, I will challenge you to trade the expectation to win for a winning mindset that you can choose to step into daily.

5 Tips To Turn Competition Nerves into Excitement

Competition is not a time for fear and dread. It is a celebration of your hard work and a time when you can relax and enjoy showing off. If this is not your experience, I am glad you are here with me. In this post, I share tips I teach the athletes and parents in my program to help them trade pre-performance anxiety for excitement. You will walk away with strategies you can apply today to show up at your next competition with confidence, trust, and joy! Bonus freebie inside. ​

How to Approach Transitions and Finish the Season Strong

How do we stay motivated towards the end of the year when all we want to do is kick back and wait for the fresh start the New Year brings? I have developed a process that I teach my athletes so they finish the year strong with just a few simple steps and today, I am sharing those with you. Get ready to reignite your motivation and feel empowered as you finish the year strong!​

How to Finish Competition and Games Strong

Why do individuals and teams start off so strong but then lose control and end up in defeat?! I have been there as an athlete and a coach, and am here to talk you through it. By reading this post, you will gain insights on how you are getting in your own way and sabotaging your success as well as tips for pushing through adversity so you can finish strong and unlock your full potential. Let’s do this!

4 Values Of A Confident Athlete

Success for an athlete is more than a win-loss record but rather how they use their athletic journey as a learning ground for becoming the person they know they are capable of becoming. In this post, I will be highlighting 4 values of confident athletes along with their adversaries and asking you to consider how these are modeled in your life or the life of your athlete. ​