Mental Game Tips for Athletes & Sports Parents

Sports Parents

The Sports Parent’s Guide to Surviving Competition Season

Competition season for many parents is filled with stress and anxiety, but it doesn’t have to feel so hard. After reading this post, you will feel relieved and encouraged because you learned strategies for a stress-free competition season that allows you fully support your child while enjoying the experience of watching them perform in the sport they love.

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How To Help Your Child Balance Team Expectations In Competition

Mentally preparing for competition is tough, especially when trying to combat the perfectionist ideals and expectations of teams and coaches. The secret to trading pre-competition anxiety with excitement and confidence is turning those expectations into helpful goals your child can use to perform their best. In this post, I will share 3 tips to prepare you for helping your child balance their team’s need to win with goals that will allow them to go into competition with less stress, excited to perform their best without fear of rejection.

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Athletes know what they want and where they want to be, but not necessarily how to get there. Each new year offers the incredible opportunity for you to support your child’s performance by helping them get clear on what it is that they truly want and create a path to achieve it.​

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