Mental Game Tips for Athletes & Sports Parents

Mental Blocks

Worse things to do when you have a mental block

Are there habits of mental block athletes that actually keep them stuck? Actually there are 2 that I will share with you in this post. So if you are dealing with a mental block and are ready to make massive progress with 2 simple shifts then this is the post for you. Read now.

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Is a mental block the same as overthinking or being nervous?

It’s common to call any fear or hesitation of doing a skill a mental block but is it really? How are mental blocks different than fear and just feeling really anxious. In this post, I share the difference between a true mental block and general fear plus offer insights to help you push past anxiety and fear no matter where you are in your athletic journey.

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8 Powerful Questions to Help You Stop Doubting Yourself and Believe “I’ve got this!”

Imagine this: you’ve practiced hard to physically master your skill and are getting set to FINALLY do it all by yourself. But just as you’re about to go for it, doubts creep in. You feel unsure, fidgety, and end up calling your coach over for just one more spot, even though deep down, you know you can do it. If you’ve felt this internal tug-of-war between wanting to trust yourself and feeling uncertain, you’re not alone. In this article, I’m diving into eight questions that will help you push past self-doubt. These questions are designed to break down those confidence barriers so you can get excited about practice and enjoy what you are doing again.

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How to Achieve Your Goals With More Ease and Speed!

Do you have big goals you are working hard to reach but feel stuck and unmotivated? Our 4-step process will help you trade the overwhelm and pressure for action so you can achieve you goals with more ease and speed.

Get ready to walk into practice confident and excited to work because you have a plan that puts you back in control of your skills.

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How to Keep Your Head in the Game After Mistakes

If you struggle to maintain composure during games or competition and allow frustration to get in the way of performing your best, keep reading. Today, I am sharing five steps to help you push past mistakes so you can remain confident, focused, and finish your performance strong, even on the tough days.

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What Does It Mean to Have a Winning Mindset?

For too many athletes, a win is not just a goal they are pushing for; it is required to prove that they are enough and valuable as a person. The default thinking has shifted to a ‘win-at-all-cost’ mentality, leading to a lack of confidence, motivation, and burnout for the most talented athletes across every sport. In this post, I will challenge you to trade the expectation to win for a winning mindset that you can choose to step into daily.

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The Sports Parent’s Guide to Surviving Competition Season

Competition season for many parents is filled with stress and anxiety, but it doesn’t have to feel so hard. After reading this post, you will feel relieved and encouraged because you learned strategies for a stress-free competition season that allows you fully support your child while enjoying the experience of watching them perform in the sport they love.

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Dear Athlete, You are not broken (A letter about mental blocks)

Mental blocks cause athletes to adopt untrue beliefs about who they are and why they are stuck. In this post, I am sharing a unique perspective on mental blocks developed from my experience over the past two decades as a competitive athlete, skills coach, and Mental Performance Coach who specializes in overcoming blocks. By reading this post, you will gain a better understanding of mental blocks and how they affect you, plus plenty of encouragement to push you forward confidently.

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The Perfectly Imperfect Routine

In this guest post by an MPC athlete, Ansley tells her story of a cheerleading competition that was almost ruined by … a shoe. “At an early age, I was taught to strive for perfection. It was only when I was at the biggest competition of my career that I learned that it was okay not to be perfect.” This essay will inspire you to reassess how you measure success either by perfection and scorecards or self-confidence and focus on your best.

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How To Build Trust In Yourself

How amazing would it be if you could trade your self-doubt for trust so that at practice you can be excited, walk in confident, know what to focus to improve in your skills, and you leave feeling accomplished everyday. These 4 strategies for improving trust in your skills will help you do just that! ​

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Mental Blocks Are A Gift

Mental blocks are a gift and there are good things that can come from them!
In this post, I will be sharing with you a few truths that I tell my mental block athletes to help them see the light in a dark place. These mindset shifts help them feel lighter because they learn a more helpful way of thinking about mental blocks which allows them to move from hurt and frustration to encouraged and hopeful.

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5 Steps for Competing Like You Practice

In this post, I will provide context and tips for athletes who want to take their practice game to competition consistently. After reading this post, you will feel confident and excited because you will learn how to create a plan for competition which will allow you to enter performance-day mentally ready for success. At the end, I will provide you with a resource that will help you step into every competition energized and ready to mentally win!

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The Mental Block Cure

For an athlete to be successful, there are four main areas of training they need to develop: strength, technique, strategy, and you guessed it, mental game. The mental game is arguably the most important because it controls how well you can access your other areas of training. When athletes lack confidence in themselves and struggle to focus, their hard work in the gym is sabotaged. In this blog, I will talk about who mental coaching is for, how it works (and if it works!), and how to get started.

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Uneven Bars Gymnst

How To Overcome Mental Blocks In Cheerleading & Gymnastics

Overcoming a mental block requires a plan. Instead of showing up to practice unsure what it will take to move past your mental block and hoping to be able to “just throw it”, you need a proven method to reduce anxiety and fears and increase confidence. Learn the secrets I teach my athletes in this article on My Mind Over Mental Block Method.

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Perfectionist beliefs get in the way of you reaching your ‘full potential’. They cause you to feel like you are never enough and always falling short. In this post, I uncover 5 beliefs confident perfectionists hold that allows them to unleash their potential and use their natural awesomeness to their advantage. ​

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