This mental block coaching program is specifically designed for  GYMNASTS AND CHEERLEADERS who  are ready to break through their mental blocks and fears and get back to thriving in the sport they love!

If you are looking to finally see progress in your tumbling and skills, but just need a coach that understands where you are and what it takes to overcome blocks, this program is for you!

The Mind Over Mental Block Program

… will help you understand what mental blocks are and where they come from so you can prepare to overcome them

… will teach you mental game skills that will address mental blocks at the source so you can perform your skills without fear of future blocks 

… will help you identify and overcome the fears that are fueling your block so you can take control and prepare to master your skills 

… will give you a plan where you know exactly what you need to do at every practice to make progress towards your skills (no more guessing if practice will be ‘good’ or ‘bad’)

… will teach you how to assess your performance so you can leave every practice feeling like you are improving which means no more rollercoaster emotions on the car ride home from practice 

… will increase your confidence and reduce stress at practice and competitions so you can get back to enjoying your sport and reaching your biggest goals.

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This Program Is For You If...

You are a cheerleader or gymnast, or parent of an athlete, who:

  • has a mental block in your tumbling or other skills and have tried everything to move past it with little success
  • has a tendency to let your anxiety and stress take the joy away from practices and competitions
  • is tired with putting in the work to improve your skills only to leave practices frustrated and disappointed
  • has invested time, energy, and money into private lessons to achieve your skills but have not been able to fully trust in your ability to execute the skills by yourself 

If this is you, I am so glad you are here!

What's Included In The Program...

The program consists of 3 or 6 months worth of content and accountability. Here are some program features that are included:

  • Weekly private coaching sessions to offer tailored coaching and support as you work to overcome your mental block and improve your confidence
  • Mental Game Assessments to identify specific fears and challenges and track your progress over the course of the program
  • Mental Skills Training Modules to teach mental game concepts, tools, and strategies 
  • Application worksheets to apply the concepts to your practice and performances. We provide tailored feedback on each worksheet to ensure you understand the concepts and how to apply them effectively. 
  • Weekly Notifications to remind you of key focus areas each week and to encourage consistent application for maximum performance improvement 
  • Daily coaching and support  when you need it so you are never stuck (even after a “bad” practice or performance) 
  • Weekly Check-in Form for athletes to evaluate their performance on a consistent basis, track progress, and identify areas of focus to make the greatest impact on their mental game
  • Parent support via coaching sessions and weekly check-in forms plus daily encouragement as you support your child in overcoming their block so you do not have to question your approach 
  • Bonus: Coach Check-In Session available upon request to ensure the athlete has a solid support system to increase trust and consistency in the gym. 

Meet Your Mental Game Coach

As a young athlete, I worked through mental blocks in my tumbling on more than 1 occasion. The worst part was that I felt like no one understood what I was going through. I still remember the feeling I got everytime my teammates or coach would tell me to “just throw it” or I felt pressure from people thinking I was just being lazy or trying to get attention. Trust me when I tell you that if you have ever experienced a mental block, I completely know how you feel.

Through my own experience as an athlete and as a cheerleading, gymnastics, and tumbling coach for over a decade who has helped countless athletes overcome setbacks and fears, I know with absolute certainty that the mental game is crucial to success

All of the physical training athletes spend so much time developing, and the extra coaching parents invest in is only as good as the strength of the athletes mindset.

With my certification through the Mental Game Coaching Professional Program, I now dedicate my life to teaching mental game skills to athletes so they can reach their full potentialMy clients would say that I help them build confidence, maximize performance, and help them regain their passion and joy

I love hearing stories that not only did they see progress in their sport but they noticed a positive change in other areas of their lives as well.

Mental Performance Coach

Client Results


"Mandy is great at helping people get over
mental blocks and can help you get rid of unhealthy
self-talk that you might not have known you had"
Kenna C.
Competitive Cheerleader
"My 15-year-old daughter has been coached by Mandy for quite some time for competitive cheer.
Mandy has been a great mental coach with a wealth of knowledge regarding the psychological aspects of competitive sports. Our daughter's performance has improved dramatically as a result of Mandy's approach and would recommend her to any athlete wanting to improve their performance.
Thank you, Mandy, for all your help!”
Jon C.
Competition Cheer Dad
"After working with Mandy, not only did my daughter land her cartwheel on beam,
but she scored the highest she’s ever done!
She did amazing on all four events and earned a
1st Place All Around getting the highest score on her team!
Thank you Mandy!"
Kate S.
Gymnastics Mom


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if the Mind Over Mental Block Program is the right fit for you!