The Mind Over Mental Block Program

The mental block solution for teaching athletes how to turn anxiety and fears into confidence and trust through coaching, content, and community.

Are you ready to get back to thriving in the sport you love?!


Let's Talk About Who This Program is For...

This mental block coaching program is specifically designed for GYMNASTS AND CHEERLEADERS who are tired of putting in endless hours of private lessons and reps only to find themselves frustrated, disappointed, with zero control over this block that is stealing their joy!

Whether you’re an athlete (or supportive parent of an athlete) who is …

✔️ Stuck in a mental block that has lasted for months or even years

✔️ Making progress but has been stuck before and worries another setback is right around the corner

✔️ Struggling to fully trust yourself to throw your skills consistently and need a gently push to finally master them

✔️ Dealing with pressure and fears and has a tendency to let your anxiety and stress take the joy away from practices and competitions.

✔️ Or maybe you are just tired of putting in the work to improve your skills only to leave practices frustrated and disappointed

If this is you, I am so glad you are here!

Do any of these sound familiar?

✔️ You have tried EVERYTHING to move past this mental block; Private lessons, drills, switching gyms & coaches, and nothing has lasted.

✔️ You dread practice and are frustrated by the feeling of not being able to trust yourself. Your confidence feels like a rollercoaster you have no control over. 

✔️ You feel alone, left behind, and think, “no one understands what I am going through!” 

✔️ You are ready to trade the trial-and-error approach for a proven system that attacks your block at the source, so that you can move forward in your skills and get back to thriving in the sport you love! 

This program will teach you the proven Mind Over Mental Block method which will allow you to show up to practice excited to work on your skills, knowing EXACTLY how to focus (without overthinking), and allow you to leave every practice feeling proud and confident that you are moving forward in your skills…. 

If you are looking to finally see progress in your tumbling and skills, but just need a coach that understands where you are and what it takes to overcome blocks, this program is for you!

And I’ll prove it! (Keep scrolling, awesome block breaker)

By Joining the Program, You Will...



Understand what mental blocks are and where they come from so you can prepare to overcome them



Learn mental game skills that will address mental blocks at the source so you can perform your skills without fear of future blocks 



Identify and overcome the fears that are fueling your block so you can take control and prepare to master your skills 



A clear plan where you know exactly what to do, think, and focus on at practice which means daily progress instead of flip of a coin good/bad days  


Learn how to assess your performance so you can leave every practice feeling like you are improving which means no more rollercoaster emotions on the car ride home from practice. 


Increase your confidence and reduce stress at practice and competitions so you can get back to enjoying your sport and reaching your biggest goals.

I used to be really uptight and nervous (like shut down & not talk) but now I have fun with it which has really helped my relationships. I got my back handspring back consistently and learned tools to reduce my anxiety not just for cheer but for high school in general. I never thought I could enjoy cheer again but I am now!”

Olivia b. 

But most importantly...

The Mind Over Mental Block Program will put you back in control of your progress and performance by reprogramming the way you approach your skills so that you can get back to your amazing, confident self instead of someone who is filled with fear and doubt

I know EXACTLY how you are feeling because I have been there…

As a young athlete, I worked through mental blocks in my tumbling on more than 1 occasion. The worst part was that I felt like no one understood what I was going through. Trust me when I tell you that if you have ever experienced a mental block, I know exactly how you feel.

Through my own experience as an athlete, cheer/gymnastics coach, and now Certified Mental Game Coaching Professional,  I know with absolute certainty that the mental game is crucial to success.  

Over the past 3 years in my business, I have taught countless cheerleaders and gymnasts how to overcome their mental blocks and get their confidence back by shifting the way they think and approach practices. 

The transformation I see in my athletes from our 1st session filled with teary eyes and a heavy heart to smiling from ear to ear feeling so PROUD of what they have accomplished fuels my passion for what I do. 

I love hearing stories that not only did they see progress in their sport but they noticed a positive change in other areas of their lives as well.

What's Included In The Program...

The program consists of 3 or 6 months worth of content and accountability. Here are some program features that are included:

  • Weekly private coaching sessions to offer tailored coaching and support as you work to overcome your mental block and improve your confidence
  • Mental Game Assessments to identify specific fears and challenges and track your progress over the course of the program
  • Mental Skills Training Modules to teach mental game concepts, tools, and strategies 
  • Application worksheets to apply the concepts to your practice and performances. We provide tailored feedback on each worksheet to ensure you understand the concepts and how to apply them effectively. 
  • Weekly Notifications to remind you of key focus areas each week and to encourage consistent application for maximum performance improvement 
  • Daily coaching and support  when you need it so you are never stuck (even after a “bad” practice or performance) 
  • Weekly Check-in Form for athletes to evaluate their performance on a consistent basis, track progress, and identify areas of focus to make the greatest impact on their mental game
  • Parent support via weekly check-in forms plus daily encouragement as you support your child in overcoming their block so you do not have to question your approach 
  • Bonus: Coach Check-In Session available upon request to ensure the athlete has a solid support system to increase trust and consistency in the gym. 
Overcoming mental blocks can feel lonely, but it doesn't have to...​

Bonus~ Access to Our Private Community,

This community is filled with athletes who have decided to let go of the fears and beliefs holding them back in their skills and step fully into a more confident and joyful way of being.

In The Circle, you can post questions, connect with other athletes in the program, and participate in daily prompts, tips, and challenges so you never feel alone and stay committed to prioritizing your mindset daily! Plus you earn cool prizes for taking action 🏆

If you are a gymnast or cheerleader who has allowed fear and pressure from coaches, parents, and teammates get in the way of the impact you know you can create, this is the place for you.  Join us!

Meet Your Mental Game Coaches


CEO & Head Mental Performance Coach

I am a recovering perfectionist who traded the corporate life to pursue my passion for teaching athletes how to use their sport to learn essential life skills that allows them to live an aligned, successful, & authentically joyful life. Through my experience as a Certified Mental Game Coaching Professional and former athlete & coach, I have developed a proven system for helping athletes overcome blocks and fears.

My Mind Over Mental Block Program uses proven strategies and tools to teach athletes how to reprogram their mind. They learn exactly what is getting in their way and ways to replace the negativity with confidence and a strong belief in themselves and what they are capable of.

Outside the office, you can find me spending time with my husband, our soccer ninja and gymnast-baby, and fighting perfectionism daily as I pursue the absolute best version of myself physically, mentally, and spiritually.

“Your success in your sport is important and worth investing in, but your self-confidence and unwavering belief in yourself as a person is priceless.”
– Mandy Patterson



I grew up competing in cheer & gymnastics and continue to coach them today. During my youth competing in gymnastics, I often found myself stuck, afraid, frustrated, and alone. I allowed my fears and doubts to take away the sport I loved but thankfully was able to return and compete at the collegiate level with the right mindset.

My experience as an athlete and coach inspired me to go back to school to get my Master of Education in Sport and Exercise Psychology. I am motivated to help my athletes excel in their sport while prioritizing their health and well-being.

I am so excited to meet you and help your child overcome this block!

Does Mental Coaching Really Work?


“I always felt like my coaches and teammates judged me but I have realized they just want the best for me. I have learned that to become a better athlete I need to let go of mistakes and notice when I am being negative towards myself because it will automatically give them less power.”


“I have become more confident in my skills, got my round off bhs tuck back, learning to like beam more, learning that my negative thoughts can be changed, and that I can have a new normal. 



I would for sure recommend MPC. It feels so good to just be able to talk to someone that knows what you are going through and will help you through it the right way.


"Mandy is great at helping people get over
mental blocks and can help you get rid of unhealthy
self-talk that you might not have known you had"
Kenna C.
Competitive Cheerleader
"My 15-year-old daughter has been coached by Mandy for quite some time for competitive cheer.
Mandy has been a great mental coach with a wealth of knowledge regarding the psychological aspects of competitive sports. Our daughter's performance has improved dramatically as a result of Mandy's approach and would recommend her to any athlete wanting to improve their performance.
Thank you, Mandy, for all your help!”
Jon C.
Competition Cheer Dad
"After working with Mandy, not only did my daughter land her cartwheel on beam,
but she scored the highest she’s ever done!
She did amazing on all four events and earned a
1st Place All Around getting the highest score on her team!
Thank you Mandy!"
Kate S.
Gymnastics Mom

Isn't it time for your athlete to FINALLY have a proven plan to overcome their fears?

Have questions?

We want you to be able to say yes with 100% confidence so send any questions you have our way. 

We promise to get back to you ASAP so you can have everything you need to see if the Block Breakers Circle is the right fit for you!