The Mental Block Cure

For an athlete to be successful, there are four main areas of training they need to develop: strength, technique, strategy, and you guessed it, mental game. The mental game is arguably the most important because it controls how well you can access your other areas of training. When athletes lack confidence in themselves and struggle to focus, their hard work in the gym is sabotaged. In this blog, I will talk about who mental coaching is for, how it works (and if it works!), and how to get started.

How To Help Your Child Balance Team Expectations In Competition

Mentally preparing for competition is tough, especially when trying to combat the perfectionist ideals and expectations of teams and coaches. The secret to trading pre-competition anxiety with excitement and confidence is turning those expectations into helpful goals your child can use to perform their best. In this post, I will share 3 tips to prepare you for helping your child balance their team’s need to win with goals that will allow them to go into competition with less stress, excited to perform their best without fear of rejection.

4 Thinking Errors That Steal Your Excitement for Tryouts (A letter to Cheerleaders and Gymnasts)

It’s that time of year again… tryouts are right around the corner and the pressure is on! This can be especially true for athletes dealing with a mental block or who are so close to throwing a new skill by themselves. The truth… There are some common ways of thinking that tend to cause so much unnecessary pressure for tryouts. ​