Why do athletes struggle to throw skills they know they can do?

You are standing there ready to throw a skill you have done 1,000 times but for some reason you just can’t make your body go. No matter how badly you want to do it, know you can do it, and have done it before, you stand frozen. Why does this happen? In this VLOG, me and @thecheerkin discuss why athletes struggle to throw skills they know they can do and what to do about it. Check it out.

How to handle competition day nerves (and throwing up)

Why do athletes vomit during competition? It can be embarrassing, frustrating, and get in the way of the perfect routine. So why do competition nerves get in the way of the best cheerleaders and performers? And, what can you do to calm competition nerves and stop throwing up? In this blog post I discuss why athletes throw up during competition, relaxation techniques to ease the stress, and a simple tip to help turn nerves into excitement! Click to watch now.

Is a mental block the same as overthinking or being nervous?

It’s common to call any fear or hesitation of doing a skill a mental block but is it really? How are mental blocks different than fear and just feeling really anxious. In this post, I share the difference between a true mental block and general fear plus offer insights to help you push past anxiety and fear no matter where you are in your athletic journey.