Mental Game Articles

How to Get Mentally Prepared to Compete

After months of preparation which seemed to last forever, the countdown is on for the first competition of the season and fears may be starting to take over. What if it is possible to show up to your competition or game with confidence and excitement? If this sounds too good to be true, keep reading!

What Is A Mental Block?
Cheer & Gymnastics Edition

Mental blocks in cheerleading, gymnastics, and tumbling are common and often misunderstood. Understand what a mental block is and how they happen. Special edition specific for cheerleaders and gymnasts.

Journaling to Improve Your Mental Game and Ease Anxiety

Learning to journal every day is a way to begin to understand how to feel and process emotions, increase mental strength, and reduce anxiety.

Overcoming Social Approval for Teen Athletes

Is your athlete distracted by comments from others on gameday? In this blog, I share 3 tips for overcoming this HUGE mental game challenge.