This confidence coaching program is specifically designed for athletes who are ready to break through their fears and get back to thriving in the sport they love!

If you are looking to finally see progress in your performance, but just need a coach that understands where you are and what it takes to take your game to the next level, this program is for you!

The A-Game Athlete Program

… will help you uncover what is keeping you stuck and give you a plan for taking your practice game to competition consistently 

… will give you the tools to improve focus and understand what is necessary to confidently perform your skills successfully 

… will teach you mental game skills that will address fears at the source so you can perform your skills without fear of future setbacks

… will give you a plan where you know exactly what you need to do at every practice to make progress towards your skills (no more guessing if practice will be ‘good’ or ‘bad’)

… will teach you how to assess your performance so you can leave every practice feeling like you are improving, which means no more rollercoaster emotions on the car ride home from practice 

… will increase your confidence and reduce stress at practice and games so you can get back to enjoying your sport and reaching your biggest goals.

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This Program is for You If...

You are an athlete, or parent of an athlete, who:

  • suffers from anxiety, worry or tension before and/or during games which causes you to doubt your abilities
  • struggles to let go of distractions and focus during games because of fear of failure and pressure from parents, coaches, or teammates
  • has trouble letting go of mistakes and becomes tense and overcontrolled instead of composed and free to perform with trust
  • has a tendency to let your anxiety and stress take the joy away from practices and games
  • is tired of putting in the work to improve your skills only to leave practices frustrated and disappointed
  • has invested time, energy, and money into technical training to improve your skills but have not been able to fully and consistently transition your training to games

If this is you, I am so glad you are here!

Inside The Program

Overcoming High Expectations

We will teach you how athletes tend to set themselves up for failure before games and practices. You’ll learn how to replace expectations with managable objectives that will actually help you perform well. The Key is No Expectations, High Confidence & Process Goals! 

Increasing Focus

You will learn to identify distractions that commonly get in the way of your focus during practices and games. Once you become aware of your distractions, you can catch yourself and refocus back to cues that immerse you in the current task and position you for success. 

Overcoming Social Pressures

How often do you catch yourself wandering what your coach or parents are thinking of your performance during games? Do you worry about letting your team down? We will work together to understand how social pressures affect you and strategize ways to increase self-respect. This game-changing content not only will help you maintain focus during your performance but it will change the way you value yourself as a person. Bonus… These strategies apply to life beyond your sport!

Increasing Confidence & Self-Talk

Confidence is a mental game skill which means it can be improved. You will learn how to build confidence that comes before skill execution and remains strong through any setback. You will also understand how self-talk contributes to confidence and performance outcomes. 

Enhancing Trust

Did you know there are two mindsets athletes need to master if they are going to be successful? … You will discover how to successfully transition from the training mindset to a trusting mindset so you can perform well in practices AND games.  This is the key to letting go of overthinking and overcontrolling in games that so often leads to frustration and feelings of failure. Don’t condemn those pre-game jitters just yet… they are your friend!

Letting Go Of Mistakes

Do you have trouble staying motivated in games and practice after mistakes are made? We will teach you about emotional control so that one mistake does not turn into a wasted practice or disastrous game. You will learn how to control your reactions and regain composure so you can finish each performance strong. 

What's Included in the Program?

The program consists of 3 or 6-months worth of content, support, and accountability. Here are some program features that are included:

  • Monthly private coaching sessions to offer tailored coaching and support as you work to improve your mental game
  • Mental Game Assessments to identify mental game challenges and track your progress over the course of the program
  • Mental Game Training Modules to teach mental game concepts, tools, and strategies 
  • Application worksheets to apply the concepts to your practice and performances. We provide tailored feedback on each worksheet to ensure you understand the concepts and how to apply them effectively. 
  • Weekly Notifications to remind you of key focus areas each week to encourage consistent application for maximum performance improvement 
  • Daily coaching and support  when you need it so you are never stuck (even after a “bad” practice or performance) 
  • Athlete Weekly Check-in Form for athletes to evaluate their performance on a consistent basis, track progress, and identify areas of focus to make the greatest impact on their game
  • Parent support guide and daily encouragement as you support your child and their mental game
  • Bonus: Additional Coaching Session to be used as needed during the program. Common use includes support for major decision-making, tryouts, and competitions as well as for parent support

Meet Your Mental Game Coach

I have experienced the frustration of putting in the time, energy, and money into physical abilities only to get to a place where my mind gets in the way. As a competitive cheerleader, I experienced mental blocks at different levels through my career. As an adult, I experienced blocks as an Olympic Weightlifter and Crossfitter where I go to perform a snatch lift only to freeze quickly after getting the bar off of the ground. I figured out how to push through every time but it was at a cost of time, money, and confidence. My desire is to help others get through their blocks and fears faster so they can experience more confidence and joy in their sport and life! 

Through my own experience as an athlete and as a cheerleading, gymnastics, and tumbling coach for over a decade who has helped countless athletes overcome setbacks and fears, I know with absolute certainty that the mental game is crucial to success

All of the physical training athletes spend so much time developing, and the extra coaching parents invest in is only as good as the strength of the athletes mindset.

With my certification through the Mental Game Coaching Professional Program, I now dedicate my life to teaching mental game skills to athletes so they can reach their full potential. My clients would say that I help them build confidence, maximize performance, and help them regain their passion and joy

I love hearing stories that not only did they see progress in their sport but they noticed a positive change in other areas of their lives as well.

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