Mandy Patterson

Mental Performance Coach

I help athletes turn mental blocks and fears into confidence and joy!

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You are in the right place if...

You are a cheerleader or gymnast with a mental block in your tumbling who has tried everything (private lessons, multiple coaches, switching gyms, avoidance, obsession, etc.) to get past it.
You are an athlete who considers yourself “shy” and has trouble trusting your abilities. 
You let fears from coaches, parents, or teammates overwhelm you.
 You question giving up your sport because of the stress you feel around practice and performance. 
Your fears and stress take away the joy of your sport and pursuit of goals.
You the parent of an athlete who is experiencing any of the above.
You are a coach who needs support with getting your team to work together, bring positivity to practice and games, and show up at games and practice “in the zone”.
 … If you resonated with any of the above, I am so glad you are here!

Services Available

Individual Coaching

Athlete Mental Block and Confident Coaching

Team Coaching

Team Cohesion and Goal Setting Coaching


Presentations for Athletes, Parents, and/or coaching staff.

Content Programs

Customized Program For Gyms and Teams to Enhance Training Programs with a Mental Game Component

What People Are Saying

Mandy helped me break through my insecurities and just go for it! I feel more confident, stronger mentally and physically, and have a lot more energy! Opening up and discussing with her the things that were holding me back allowed me to breakthrough my mental wall.
Lauren D.
Crossfit Client
Mandy is great at helping people get over mental blocks and can help you get rid of unhealthy self talk that you might not have known you had
Kenna C.
Cheer Client
My 15-year-old daughter has been coached by Mandy for quite some time for competitive cheer. Mandy has been a great mental coach with a wealth of knowledge regarding the psychological aspects of competitive sports. Our daughter's performance has improved dramatically as a result of Mandy's approach and would recommend her to any athlete wanting to improve their performance. Thank you, Mandy, for all your help!” ​
Jon C.
Cheer Dad

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